A new mural at the Pen Brad Oil Museum celebrates oil history

Bradford, Pa. – The 150th anniversary of the discovery of Bradford Field and the 50th anniversary of the Pen Brad Oil Museum, two local artists have had the opportunity to bring this story to life in the arts. Museum.

Isabel Champlin and Samila Sosic work together on a triangular, 28-foot-wide panel. The mural is on the upper wall of the museum’s gift shop.

“It is an integrated panorama of the oil industry in Bradford, from the 1865 Job Moses Well to the 1920s and 1930s,” says Shamlin.

She explained that during the “December 2020” process, Chameleon and Sosik began to gather ideas and ideas for inclusion in the wall. Most of their inspiration comes from old photographs.

Old photographs were the inspiration for most of the images, including well images, Job Moses wells, skin color and oil storage tanks, burning oil tanks, barrel carts, nitroglycerin boogie, pipe carts, and meter photography boogie. In addition to the paintings used by the two artists for the walls, BB&K (Bradford, Bordel and Kinzuwa) Railway, Tarport Village, Mt. Bolivar, Bradford City, and Kendel Filter Company.

Some of the buildings named in the wall, fuel tanks, etc.

1. Livery stables: Beamer Livery

2. Manufacturer # 1: LMRI and East Foster Farm 1862 (on storage tank);

3. Manufacturer No. 2 – Job Moses No. 1 on Derrick

4. Motor Manufacturer # 1 – Bovard and Seifang (mark on the roof)

5. Manufacturer # 2 – The locking machine works on the roof, alongside pumps, engines and brass work.

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6. Explosion Factory – Roberts Nitroglycerin Factory (mark the side of the building)

7. Pipe Company – Boston Pipe and Steam Pipe (on the roof sign).

8. Equipment Company – Petroleum Supply Company (on the roof).

9. “Free and Easy” – Hogan (Mark on the building in Tarport)

10. Field Offices – Held Oil and Minard Running Oil Company (also at Mountain Music 1937)

11. Hotel – Bradford House (Roof, 1877)

12. Railroad: BBC and K (Bradford, Bordel and Kinzuwa) Motor but not the letter

13. Photographer – Photographer, Titusville, PA (on worms)

14. Filter – Kendall Filter Company (mark on top of building-1881)

The new wall ceremony will take place on Saturday at 11 a.m. at the Pen Brad Oil Museum.


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