A new ‘competitive social’ small golf course is coming to Houston

New mini golf coming to downtown Houston. Image courtesy on the Puttery Facebook page

Owner and operator of Drive Shack Inc., a golf-related entertainment and recreation business leader. It brings Put Tate to the Houston Rice military base near downtown, Gallery and Memorial Park.

Puttery is a two-story, 23,000-square-foot space in Sawyer Yards. It only shows adults with four nine-hole storage courses, various bars and a DJ. Opening date is scheduled for the end of 2021.

New Mini Golf in Downtown Houston – Features and Experience

The Puteri Recipe Team has created a top menu featuring creative dishes and craft cocktails created by creative and inspired artists. It combines a lively environment with state-of-the-art scoring technology and theme courses to provide a engaging guest experience.

Hannah Kuhururi, President and CEO, Drive Shack Inc. Puttery Houstonians and visitors will be given a unique experience. We look forward to bringing Terry Territory to the region and preparing it for future strategic and rapid development.

Sophisticated mini golf is something ‘inside’

Tery Tiston is heading to the third-largest mini-golf course in Houston, showing plans to leave. Ts Tshak, Tiger Woods and Team are the other two, the technology-packed miniature golf and Popstroke.

All competitions and options can only mean one thing for Houstonians! It’s party time!

About Puttery

As people move from one course to another, terry terrier provides immersive experience and innovative automation technology. It offers a wide range of integrated food, craft cocktails, and great music to help guests relax and enjoy their pre-tech evenings.

About Drive Shack Inc.

Drive Shack Inc. It is a leading company in the entertainment and entertainment business related to golf. It focuses on bringing people together in a competitive society. The company’s portfolio includes American Golf, Drive Shake and Put Trit. About Drive Shack Inc. Click here to learn more.

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