A new bill can make solar home installations more affordable for homes and businesses

WASHINGTON, DC – The new bill, introduced last week, aims to make it cheaper for homeowners and businesses to install solar panels.

The Raise the Roof Act, introduced by Georgia Senator John Ossoff (D.G.), provides a “cut-off integrated solar roof system” as well as solar tax credits to cover roof replacements and repairs.

“This bill will allow all Americans to install roof solar panels, save money on their bills and increase renewable energy nationwide,” said Osfoff. I will continue to lead Senate efforts to increase renewable energy production.

The bill was introduced in the House by representatives Mickey Shirley (DN.J.) and Bill Pascrel (DN.J.).

If approved by both houses of Congress and signed into law by President Biden, the law would amend the 1986 Internal Revenue Act, which currently allows traditional solar panels to use the credit.

The new law also allows people who use “integrated solar roof technology” to receive 26% tax credit.

“This innovative legislation to include solar roof technology (ITC) in solar technology will help boost the solar industry and better encourage all Americans to join in the fight against climate change,” Pascal said.

Sher Reel called the bill a “unique opportunity” to grow the clean energy sector, create jobs and provide renewable energy to consumers.

15 “Since its inception 15 years ago, we have seen the incredible impact of solar energy on our clean energy economy,” says 15 Real. “This law will strengthen that growth and encourage the expansion of the clean energy sector: across the country.

According to the Association of Solar Energy Industries (SEIA), nearly 3 million solar systems are installed locally and 231,000 Americans work in the industry.

Read the Law on Raising the Roof below:

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