A Burnley car dealer is driving the college’s new renewable energy project.

Jason Slater, Corporate Nissan Burnley Sales Manager, Dr. Fazal Abba, Principal and CEO of Blackburn College, Craig Migley, Head of Technical Studies at Blackburn College

As part of the Lancashire Automotive Skills Acceleration Project, Charlie Nissan Burnley mechanics share their skills with students at Blackburn College.

Five colleges are participating in the project, which will be led by Blackburn College. The project is funded by the Department of Education, part of the Accelerated Capacity Development Strategy Fund.

Launched at Blackburn College, the project will create low-carbon centers across Lancashire.

The Skills Centers support the government’s commitment to halt the sale of new petrol or diesel cars by 2030 as part of the UK Net-Zero targets.

The project will work with dealers and independent garages to train future employees in the safety, maintenance and repair of electric and hybrid vehicles. The Institute of Motor Industry (IMI) expects a deficit of 35,700 for 90,000 technicians by 2030.

“Electric vehicles are the future of the industry,” said Jason Slatery, sales manager at Charlie Nissan Burnley.

“We are delighted to continue to work with Blackburn College, have a long-standing relationship with the College and are pleased to support the Lancashire Automotive Skills Immediate Project, recommend course content, and assist in delivering a master’s degree to students.”

The project will create five electric and hybrid vehicle capacity centers at Lancashire Blackburn College, Blackpool and Flid College, Lancaster and Morchambe College, Myersco College and Nelson and Colne College Group. Specialists include:

Electrical and hybrid vehicle service, maintenance and repair

Electric and hybrid motor sports

Electric and hybrid plant technology

Electrical and hybrid charging infrastructure

The project will create a variety of new short courses to meet employer needs, with master technicians offering master classes for staff and students.

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