A bomb blast near the Syrian port of Damascus has killed at least 12 people, officials say

Syrian state news agency SANA reported that firefighters had extinguished the blaze on a ship being repaired at the port.

Smoke caused some workers to have difficulty breathing. According to Sana, the ship was empty.

Tanker Track.com, an online service that monitors and reports on oil shipments and storage facilities, has identified the vessel as IISDOM, and the tanker has recently relocated to the Iranian port of SAM 121.

WISDOM has previously been used to transport Iranian oil from Syria, including Sam 121, to Tanker Tracker.com.

If so, this is not the first time the ship has been damaged in such an event.

Initial reports in April said the ship had been hit by a plane crash, although Iranian and Syrian media denied the reports late, saying a fire had killed one crew member.

The ship was hit by another fire in May, according to SANA, a technical failure on one of the engines.

Tensions between Israel and Iran have escalated after an Iranian drone strike on an Israeli-led cruise ship off the coast of Oman in July off Iran. The United States, Britain and Israel have all threatened retaliation, prompting international condemnation of Iran.

Iran denies responsibility for Israeli airstrikes

Less than a week after the attack on Mercury Road, Iranian forces tried to hijack the asphalt princess’s tank off the coast of the United Arab Emirates, but crew broke down and fled the ship, The Times reported.

Iran’s Nur News reported on Monday that an Israeli submarine had secretly entered the Red Sea in two ships.

In recent years, Israel and Iran have reportedly attacked each other’s dozens of ships at sea.

In March, The Jerusalem Post sister published Mariev The Wall Street Journal reports that dozens of Iranian oil tankers heading to Syria have been attacked by Israel, and dozens of Iranian ships have been attacked by Israel.

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