A $ 500 million stimulus could change MPS. Do plans succeed?

Milwaukee Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Keith P. Posley falls on the first day of school in a room at Rogers Street Academy.

Milwaukee Public Schools Superintendent Keith Posley said COVID cases were growing weekly, disruptive bus system students, school failures, and, by the end, nearly 4,000 students.

Last week, he came up with something brighter: using federal stimulus dollars to help the county return to $ 500 million and possibly regain the families it left behind. The plan will take a number of steps, from immunization incentives to violent education to glittering sports facilities.

Many ideas – such as mental health services, complementary foods and essential water sources – are widely supported. However, some argue that MPS is not able to include families in decision-making and could waste more than one-third of the district’s annual budget.

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