9 Best Online Science Courses To Expand Your Mind

Increase your scientific knowledge with your choice of the best science courses you can join online. Whether you want to get up in time, learn how to simulate a self-driving car, or delve into modern medicine chemistry, there are many online science courses. Hosted by top professionals, you can expand your knowledge without having to set foot on campus.

Best Online Science Courses

Einstein’s understanding – a unique concept of kinship

Stanford University

Here you will learn what inspired Einstein and gain professional insight into his concepts. According to Stanford Science historian Larry Lagestrom, time can explain how one person can work more slowly than another. More than 100,000 students have signed up for 81-hour course content.

Learn for free or get a £ 34 certificate.

Protection with Jane Goodl / Space Explorer with Chris Hudfield

Master Class

MasterClass is subscription-based and works differently from other online classes. For ፓ 170 a year, you get access to all the different courses.

Some experts are highly regarded: the famous chimpanzee Jane Goodell teaches conservation, the space unit is headed by former international space station commander Chris Hudfield.


Monash University

In this course, Pharmacists Ian Larson delve into the science of common medicine used to treat heart disease, depression, diabetes, and illness, covering everything from chemistry to side effects and addiction.

18-hour course content access is free for eight weeks or you can get lifetime access and a digital certificate for £ 52.

Kovid-19 Intercept

University of California San Diego

In this two-part course, from the University of San Diego, California, you will play the role of a bioinformer who diagnoses the CVD-19 epidemic, first combining the coronavirus genome together and then designing it for virus testing. Along the way, experts will help you understand the main concepts in genome sequencing and diagnostics.

Each unit contains six hours of material for free, or £ 35 with a certificate.

Climate change – solutions

Exeter University

This popular FutureLearn segment covers sustainable energy and agriculture, carbon washes and geo-engineering. Climate change is being led by scientists, including Tim Lenton, president of Exeter University.

If you want the certificate, you can get a 12-hour study for free or for £ 42.

AI for everyone – learn the basics

edX / IBM

This includes basic machine learning, in-depth learning and neural networks, as well as II’s ethics and its impact on society. It takes about four weeks to complete at one to two hours a week.

Sign up for free, or pay ለመውሰድ 72 to take rated homework and exams and finally get a certificate to share. More than 87,000 students are already enrolled.

Complete self-driving car course


In this £ 50 Udemy course, you will be trained to identify 43 different road signs, pretending to be a fully functional self-driving car. You do not need to know the programming language as you will receive a crash course in Python as part of the agreement.

Each of the talks has a bite in a few minutes, but they are 171, with a total of 18 hours of learning time. More than 18,000 students took this class with Canadian software developer Ryan Slim.

Understanding the body

Aberdeen University

Get credit for excellence in this 11-week biology program taught by professors from Aberdeen University. Courses on DNA, body parts and tissues and systems, as well as 10 credits on Scottish professionalism as an alternative assessment.

It costs 6 156 for the course and 4 344 for the review.

Fibonacci numbers and the golden ratio

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

You can turn off this challenging 10-hour math course at once. Focusing on the Fibonacci sequence (1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, etc.) explains why the numbers are related to the “golden combination” and how this combination occurs in nature. Leaf arrangements on certain plants and seed design in sunflower head.

This course comes with 10 questions and does not cost to register.

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