80% of the Gulf’s oil and gas production is still offline after the hurricane

Energy and oil and gas production will begin to recover after the hurricane, but assessments for Louisiana residents and industrial damage are underway.

Driving news; About 80% of crude oil production and 83% of gas production in the Gulf of Mexico have been shut down since yesterday, according to the Ministry of the Interior.

  • Before the hurricane, companies shut down facilities and evacuated workers, and all of the Gulf’s output was offline.
  • An estimated 902,000 homes and businesses in PowerOutage.us have no power in Louisiana.
  • The largest utility company has so far restored services to more than 100,000 customers and returned limited power to New Orleans for the first time since the hurricane yesterday.

Investigators are still reviewing The damage. Note that SSP Global Plates has been able to clear 2.1 million barrels of offline capacity since yesterday, but that is reported to be declining rapidly.

Exxon began recycling approximately 520,000 barrels a day in Baton Rouge.

The plot – One question is how marine oil and gas producers will deal with the damage to Port Fortune, a key industrial hub and accommodation.

  • However, S and P said, “There are alternative routes for helicopters to provide services outside the port of Forton and Homa.”

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Information – American Energy Atlas; Map – Images of Thomas Oyd / Axios

Large picture: Oil and natural gas-related infrastructure on the Gulf Coast of Mexico is huge.

  • The table above covers only the region’s extensive petrochemical plants, pipelines, storage terminals, processing facilities, and more.
  • Here is a list of US mapping tools that the US Energy Information Administration can use to drive.

Why is it important? As the region’s energy infrastructure warms up, it will be on the verge of a tidal wave.

Disruptions and injuries can also be environmental hazards. This section of the New York Times covers hazardous leaks and leaks due to Ida and some previously reported incidents.


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