8 new polytechnic diploma courses have been added in Karnataka in new and developing areas

The Karnataka government has begun the process of enrolling in polytechnic diploma courses in the state, including 8 new courses in new and developing areas.

Previous courses have been redesigned according to the C20 curriculum.

The Minister of Higher Education, CN Ashwat Narayan, said the measures are aimed at increasing student employment and aligning the courses with the NSQF (National Skills Framework) and international standards.

On this occasion, the State Polytechnic launched a new logo and promotional video. At the government level, a diploma entry proposal has also been released.

G. Kumar Naik, ACS, Higher Education Diplomat, Pradep P, Commissioner, DCT (College and Technical Education Department) and Manjana R, Director, DT, YN Dodamani and Asst. The Director, DTA, attended the graduation.

8 New Polytechnic Diploma Courses

8 New Polytechnic Diploma Programs offered by the Department of Technical Education in developing areas: Alternative Energy Technologies, Cyber ​​Security, Food Processing and Protection, Travel and Tourism (including logistics management), cloud computing and big data, automation and robots, direction, screen layout And television production, cyber physical systems and security.

These are being promoted in colleges in Gouribidanuru, Shiralakoppa, Kudligi, Rabakavi, Banahatti, Aurad, BenJururu SJ Polytechnic, Changagiri, Copa, Honnali and Kapu (UDP).

Other Polytechnic Diploma Courses

In addition to the newly added courses, there are 33 courses in the Polytechnic Diploma.

In addition, in the 3rd year of data science, II and ML, Energy Engineering, Renewable Energy, Industrial Automotive and Industrial Electrical, Structural Engineering, 12 different disciplines will be offered. Infrastructure engineering; Net Zero Buildings, IOT, VLC and Integrated Systems, PCB Design and Innovation and Medical Electronics, Narayana explained.

Change of entry process

The enrollment process has changed so that students can enroll in nearby polytechnic colleges and participate in the process of interest.

With the exception of 26 polytechnics (out of a total of 87 government. Polytechnic), students may enroll in the remaining polytechnics at the beginning of the program of their choice.

He added: “DTE has developed new courses and a new C20 curriculum after extensive consultations with industry, academics, alumni and the government. Clues have also been added to diploma courses in countries such as Germany, New Zealand, Australia, and Singapore.

Polytechnic studies allow students to learn from anywhere and anytime

Polytechnic studies have been modified with LMS to enable learning access from anywhere and at any time.

This will help students to continuously evaluate themselves and take corrective action.

He explained that polytechnics are equipped with modern classrooms to facilitate digital learning in classrooms.

He also expressed hope that the number of admission to polytechnic diploma courses will increase this year.

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