7 numbers to find out from our new rankings of the best Mune in America

Buffalo Dunnes, Kansas, is one of the gems of our new municipal course.

Kevin Myer, Middle Pin

It’s easy to focus on courses that we can’t spend our time and energy on in the golf world: super personal, extra secret, uber-alone. Those clubs have controlled course levels for decades.

But we are about our courses Can Does he play? Courses that keep the golfer alive after the golf course? Munis has fewer dress codes. More hot dogs. And some of them are high-end tracks.

This is why we have rated GOLF’s first municipal courses. You can find that list of our top 30 here. But for more insight, here are seven numbers you need to know from our list.

1. Which high munis has?

California is the biggest winner if you only represent us in our top 30 Five courses – It is led by Tory Pins South No. 5, but it should be noted that New York has four courses on the list, including six. Texas also has three courses, and several other states (Washington, Florida, Ohio, Connecticut) each have two. Now is the time to plan trips…

Cypress point

Best Golf Courses in California According to GOLF Magazine Professional Course Indicators

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GOLF Course Rating Panel

2. What year did the new Top-30 muni open?

If we are talking about new courses, the new boy on the block is also a gem of Australia’s fine sand at South Korea Course, Almeida, California. Race Jones Design opened in 2018. The second on our list: The New Course A.D. Jack Nichols – designed for Trump Golf Links – is still new in terms of course architecture.

As Corica Park grows, it is Muni.

This wild redesign has made Central Muna one of the country’s elites

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Josh Sens

But those are not the only courses on the list: new ones. Race Jones also said: Renovated the Torre Pins South course, which ended in 2019. Tom Doc was scheduled to host the PGA Tour last season. And 92-year-old Charleston, better known locally as The Moon, came up with a radical design from Troy Miller. It reopened in 2020.

3. In what year was the oldest Moon in the list opened?

There are many courses on the list as they approach their 100th birthday. Sleep (1924), Palataka (1925), En Palm Beach (1926), Wilmington (1926) and Kenny Park (1927) are among the oldest. But the most experienced course on the list is Braken Park Park 1916 And it remains the pride of San Antonio.

4. What is the most expensive munitions on the list?

It only costs $ 15 for Hawaiians to play in Hawaii. Scream, too, for Charleston Moonny ($ 20 for the area) and Paltka ($ 22). And Memorial Park charges up to $ 30 for local residents, who have not heard of a PGA tour host. Golf courses (and, of course, most businesses) are often only for the sole purpose of making a lot of money, so it is refreshing to see these operators (and cities) looking at that trend, considering the safety of golf players. The regime of Munich.

Willow is a bargain, especially for locals.

Brian Orr

5. What is the most expensive munitions on the list?

While there are some bargains, in some of these courses the price tags are used to remind you that these are the main products you pay for. Chambers Bay has a variable value that can be achieved $ 289 For non-residents, the amount of travel can be reached for tech time $ 252 By Tory Pins. In any case, a local resident can knock more than $ 100 for your golden ticket; San Diego residents pay no more than $ 78 for a round trip.

6. Which architects are most represented on the list?

No wonder here – he is the leader in design credits Donald Ross, Surprisingly Five courses On the list, it is always led by George Wright in Boston (course number 3 on our list may still be low). AW Tillinghast has three design credits listed, in red and black in Library State Park. Reese Jones is three times on the list. And William Bell, too, is grateful for the Tory Pins courses and the Phoenix Papago.

7. How many courses on the list have hosted PGA or LPGA Tour events?

Let’s face it – the site hosts major black and white tournaments. Chambers Bay The US Open was held in 2015. Torre Pins hosts South Farmers every year, and especially the top US Open. Memorial Park hosted the first PGA Tour. Papago In 2009 he served as an LPGA host. Brackenridge Park was used to host the Texas Open. Torre Pins helps farmers in the north. And TPC Harding Park hosted the PGA last year. That’s it Eight courses In my opinion, although there is another visitor event that has gone through cracks over the years.

These munitions, after all, have layers for them.

You can find the full list here.

Dylan Dethier

Dylan Dethier

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