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A 605 kV rooftop solar power plant has been installed on the campus of St. Alysis College

Mangalu: St. Alysius has successfully completed the construction of a 605 kV roof solar power plant on its four campuses. Blessings and Inauguration of the 605 kV Ceiling Power Project at the St. Alysis Institutions in Mangalulu was held on September 24, 2021 at the LF Ras Quinha Hall of the College. Sudesh Martis, additional chief electrician, electrician, was the chief guest of the Karnataka government. Reverend Melvin J. Pinto, Sr. Robin Rajash was the guest of honor at Isha Solar Energy. Rev. Dr. Praven Martis, SJ, Principal, College Registrar, Dr. Alwin Disa, Steven Pinto, President, SSA, Dr. Vivk K, Technical Director, and Rajan Menon were on the day.

Project Assistant Adviser Dr. Tom George spoke about the project in a power point presentation. This is the largest educational solar power project in Mangalore. The entire plant is built in accordance with safety, occupational health and environmental regulations. ISHASOL Energy is a fully integrated and comprehensive EPC solution provider. Provides state-of-the-art technology for designing, installing and deploying solar projects nationwide.

A 605 kV rooftop solar power plant has been installed on the campus of St. Alysis College

In his opening remarks, Sudesh Martis, Chief Electrical Engineer of the Government of Carthage, said: As part of the Green Campus Initiative, the capacity of this campus alone is 255 kW. I was visiting and visiting this campus to inspect the electrical grounds and elevator compartments, and every time I saw a lot of greens around me, a rainy harvest on a plastic free campus. Buildings, a small solar roof The upper Pew plant is already loaded with Vermie fertilizer at the Mafia Center and on one corner of the campus and now ‘like ice on cake’, the administration has taken a big step to install renewable energy. An environmentally friendly and important plant for any educational institution. ”

He added: “There is no doubt that the investment in this size plant will be huge, but the pure green energy generated by St. Alysis College will go a long way in reducing the dependence on energy-intensive greenhouse gases. Loads, thus reducing global warming. As you know, a solar plant requires very little maintenance and this means that the cost of reproduction is relatively low and that the total cost of the plant must be renewed in the coming years. SCADA monitoring system management helps them know the details of daily generations from where they need them. The energy consumption of St. Alysis College varies here between 42,000 and 60,000 units per month, according to pre-Kovid data from MESCOM. The solar roof factory must generate 40,000 or more units per month, which means that energy-dependent, stable and reliable power fluctuates and contributes to the grid in the event of overcrowding.

I would like to mention that I did my PU education at this prestigious college. I still remember the kind of disciplinary actions of our principal, Rev F. Rashinha SJ, and Rev Fre Leo Disuza S.J. The strong foundation of education and the values ​​gained from the faculty of teaching here have helped me to be responsible today. Of course, today’s students are lucky because the best facilities on campus, the many courses to choose from, the extracurricular activities and cultural activities, I always see and enjoy when I visit here, ”said Martis. F. Melwin J. Pint SJ: Director of St. Alysis Institutions also spoke and thanked the Ishassol Energy Group for their commitment and dedication in setting up the solar plant, which will greatly benefit the institution. (Listen to the Rector’s full speech in the video below)

A total of 1300 high-performance mono peri silicon modules are used. The 605 KJW solar power plant has been installed on a 2,600-square-meter roof using PV modules to effectively reduce heat transfer through metal sheets. Solar edge inverter and power optimization, which boasts a high efficiency of 99.5%, have been used. They are more efficient than conventional string modifiers as they eliminate power loss caused by shadows or corruptions of individual panels.

In addition to being part of the green energy revolution in the country, the project is expected to bring significant savings to MESCOM.

The entire plant has a SCADA-enabled remote control system to control the operation of all solar panels. Photovoltaic monitoring systems are software-driven tools that provide real-time and historical information, performance-based alerts, and web-based (or cellular) monitoring. Eshasol’s Qualified and Trained Operations and Maintenance Team provides on-site inspections of all necessary operations and maintenance tools and equipment. The entire factory was built in accordance with its safety, occupational health and environmental regulations. Robin Rajesh leads the team as “Operations Manager.”

Ms. Shilpa M. Disusa, completed the SAC PRO program. Rev. Dr. Praven Martis, SJ, welcomed the meeting. Dr. Alwin Disa – SAC Registrar

3 year degree course in renewable energy management

Following this “green law” for the deployment of large solar power plants, each Alysis College (Autonomous) offers a 3-year degree in “Renewable Energy Management” for the 2021-22 academic year. Vocational Studies (BVC) Equal to BACC. For advanced studies and employment degrees; And also the content of HoT (hands in training) and OJT (hands-on training) has a higher content.

This course will be the first in the region with all practical aspects. Students of any addition stream are eligible to receive this degree. The college is aiming to become one of the three “core constraints” in the country in the field of education, placement and R&D. Renewable energy and management.

The need for trained hands in the field of renewable energy will be of great importance. According to market sources, there will be more than 20 lakh jobs in India in the near future. He is now open to a degree in renewable energy management at St. Alysius College in Mangalu.

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