500K in the new crane training technique to support safe lifting operations

EnerMech has spent half a million pounds on improved crane simulation training facilities in Luanda (Angola), Doha (Qatar) and the Great Harvard (UK). The investment is part of an ongoing commitment to provide the latest high quality and innovative solutions that improve and support safe lifting operations for customers.

Using the most up-to-date imaging technology, KraneSIM models support clients in the drilling, engineering, subdivision, production and construction sectors, and use highly efficient, advanced graphics to create realistic training environments.

Available through powerful PCs and high-resolution screens, KraneSIM technology exposes trainees to a variety of operating conditions, including unsafe hazards in real life. This allows crane operators to develop the necessary decision-making skills to safely negotiate equipment, including equipment failures, adverse weather conditions, and human conditions.

The system provides a variety of training environments, including fixed loads, floating platforms and ships, including models, load types and sub-configurations. During Pickup and Supply Shipwreck, the trainees will be exposed to a variety of dynamic environments, emergencies, and communication skills that cannot be reproduced in real life.

“Safe crane lifting is a very important job, and it is important to have qualified and certified personnel to support this. KraneSIM technology allows operators to build self-confidence and develop strong decision-making skills, and ultimately save lives and save time on the beach, ”he said. Jennifer Batchelor, Head of Enermek Training.

“Since 2005, we have been using Drilling Systems world-class imitation technologies to support safe and efficient lifting operations training for our customers in the global energy and infrastructure industries. It will truly strengthen the partnership of 3t EnerMech to provide world-class training services that support early detection and emergency management in three additional key geographies of our clients. ”

“Our partnership provides the development of local skills in customer organizations globally. By providing KraneSIM-6000 equipment specifically to Qatar and Angola, we provide high-quality local training and evaluation experience to local employers and employees. The KraneSIM-60 portable simulator in the UK builds on our current capabilities and a flexible approach to customer training needs. 3t Energy Group.

EnerMech’s training arm was established 25 years ago and currently offers 116 courses to its global network. It also has training centers in Greater Yarmous, Luanda and Doha, as well as centers in Aberdeen, Chemn, and Singapore.

Established in April 2008, Enermek provides specialized mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, and automation services to the global energy and infrastructure sectors, beginning with operations and maintenance and late life support.

In December 2018, EnerMech was listed as a global asset manager by Cardale Group, NASDAQ.

EnerMech focuses on providing integrated supply, operations, maintenance and engineering solutions in cranes and lifting, electrical and equipment, equipment rental, hydraulic products and services, industrial services, process, pipeline and plumbing (PPU), maintenance and loyalty services. Services, training and valve supply and services.

The group is headquartered in Aberdeen, headquartered in Yarmouth, Bristol (United Kingdom). Stavanger, Houston, Pasadena, Sulfur, Casper, Wilson (USA), Guyana, Trinidad, Mexico, Abu Dhabi, Iraq, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Singapore; Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Darwin, Gladstone, Chinchilla (Australia); Malaysia, China, South Korea, India, Ghana, Nigeria, Angola and South Africa.

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