5 tips to catch up at school when you fall behind

Despite good intentions, even A-students fall behind. It is difficult to discard your old system and get a new one. But if you don’t have time to do your homework, you probably don’t have time to start with a new system.

Fortunately, you don’t need it! There are other ways to catch them when they fall behind. Try these five tips to correct a course when it is too late to start empty.

1. Find out why it happened

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If you do not know what you are doing, you can repeat the mistake. The most common way students fall behind is by actually taking more than they can handle. It may be scary to review all your obligations, but it is an important step.

Start by adding up the number of hours per week to follow all of your courses. Include time for reading, attending lessons, and assignments. Then add other responsibilities, such as transportation, such as part-time work. Make time for healthy sleep, cooking, and eating.

There are a total of 168 hours per week. If you have to spend more than that, you need to cut something. Do not cut back on survival needs, such as sleep or healthy eating. Doing so only creates new problems.

If you are at the beginning of the semester, you may be able to drop the course without penalty. You can also ask your boss for reduced hours. Talk to your school about job search or practical options. You may be able to get credits and paychecks at the same time!

2. Get organized

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It is important not to confuse organization with aesthetics. The goal is to efficiently schedule all your responsibilities and projects. This system may seem “pure” but does not look, so do not distract it by making it beautiful.

Avoid distributing everything you need to keep track of multiple apps and storage locations. Instead, keep it simple and store all your school supplies in Microsoft OneDrive.

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OneDrive is easy to learn and free to access. It also integrates well with other Microsoft programs such as Word and PowerPoint. Students can get these Office 365 programs for free, so this makes even OneDrive a better choice.

Simply drag and drop all your related files into your OneDrive folders. Then use the mobile app to scan handwritten notes to print materials such as PDF files. Finally, place web pages such as class forums under the file format Website, complete. Now all your school supplies are in one place.

take down: Microsoft OneDrive for Android | iOS (free, subscriptions available)

3. Prioritize your schedule

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Good planning is important for a student. Allows you to organize your deadlines, class times, group meetings, work, and more. Submitting all your things to a planner will only take a few minutes, and will help you set priorities.

When adding to your schedule, include placement deadlines. Then, work back to set deadlines for drafts. These additional deadlines prevent work from building, and give you a more accurate view of your schedule.

We recommend that you choose a planning application rather than a print or dry wipe calendar. Using an app means you can check and adjust your schedule on the go. You can also easily add useful details such as related addresses.

If your planner is on your phone, it will also help you tackle the delay. This is because you can take out your phone and schedule appointments right away. This quick fix is ​​critical to student success.

4. Manage power

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If you try to work when you are tired, anxious, hungry, or thirsty, they will not drink the information well. Even though your night brain looks good, you are more likely to make a mistake. Maintain your energy by getting enough sleep at night and eating well during the day.

A good way to get your sleep schedule in order is to limit yourself to using your phone at bedtime. This disrupts the sleep cycle and prevents you from getting too much blue light. SleepTown is a great app for this because it rewards you for sleeping well.

While you sleep, SleepTown builds a beautiful digital city one by one. But if you leave the app, your building will collapse. It’s great to see your small town grow every morning! The app includes features to help you be accountable, set a healthy bedtime, and help others.

take down: SleepTown for Android | iOS (free, premium version available)

5. Adjust your expectations

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It is important not to overdo it. Knowing how many hours you should work should inform your goals for each goal. Instead of trying to achieve perfect results, try to do all you can with the resources you have.

It is also important to consider the basic consequences of living in a school. It is in your life that you learn a lot not only about your classes but also about the world around you, the people around you and how you fit in.

It is not fair to expect that you will be productive during this time, as you would in a more stable environment. This is why it is so important to create a place for rest and meditation in your program.

It was not too late to catch up

With the right adjustments, it can be captured. The main thing is to treat it as a learning experience. Make a note of what works and what doesn’t. Reflect after each semester, so you can start the next with a better plan each time.

As you go along, you will learn more about how you work, get organized, and how much you hold at a time. Finally, you manage your time as an expert!

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