5 scholarships for Africans to study abroad for free

Not surprisingly, the “African Scholarship” is one of the most sought after items on the Internet. The average salary in Nigeria is $ 1,136 a month. Flights to major destinations such as the United States cost up to $ 1,025.

Say you are enrolled in a UK university, and you will have to pay tuition fees. For international undergraduates, rates start at $ 13,635 per year according to QS. This does not include accommodation and living expenses.

If you think you have to give up your dreams to study abroad because you can’t afford it, think again. There are many scholarships to apply for in Africa – some covering everything from your flight tickets to tuition and living expenses.

Japan African Dream Scholarship (JADS)

This program focuses on major areas such as energy, agriculture, health, environmental sustainability and engineering.

Scholarships cover tuition, monthly subsidies, travel, air insurance, and travel allowances. After graduation, you will return to your home country to encourage sustainable development.

Specific list of Unice in Japan is here And to begin the application process, you will need to contact the JADS partner union of your choice for the documents you need. The institution then selects the applicants and sends them to the African Development Bank.

Make sure you have enough time to prepare your ideas. You will need your most recent degree, two professional references, and an accurate English proficiency report.

Get to the Oxford Scholarship

This is targeted at students from developing countries who are unable to study in their home countries (for political or financial reasons). If you want to study in the UK, your tuition will be covered under this program for living expenses and a one-year airline fee.

Details on How to apply for 2022 There is a deadline in January and February. However, if you want to be considered for this, you must successfully apply in your chosen unit through UCAS on October 15th.

Geneva Macmillan-Reba Stuart Foundation Scholarship

This scholarship is a tribute to Geneva Macmillan’s love for the African continent. It was founded in her name in collaboration with her artist friend Riba Stewart.

Applicants in French Science Po are only available to applicants from sub-Saharan Africa.

As the biggest competitor on our scholarship list for Africans, this will cover your full tuition in the undergraduate program. Those who meet the institution’s social requirements may receive additional financial support for living expenses.

To apply, you need Fill out the form online at the Science Po Login website And include all necessary documents by February of next year. Under this scholarship you must prepare a cover letter outlining your motivations and benefits.

Many young African scholars

This in-depth education and enrichment program is another part of our scholarship list for Africans to study in the United States. It’s for young Africans in high school now who want to pursue higher education and make an impact as future leaders.

Scholarships, food and shelter are paid. To apply, you must complete an online application form, submit official transcripts, and have a teacher’s advice. This All must be done by February 2022.

Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Scholarship of Canada

This was done to improve the pool of skills exchange between Canada and other countries and to fund Canadian Unice for projects in West Africa. These projects support doctoral, post-doctoral and first-time researchers from Canada and West Africa.

The scholarship is worth up to $ 300,000 for courses in climate resilience and sustainable food systems, education and innovation, ethical research ethics, health equity, inclusive governance and sustainable inclusive growth.

To apply, your project proposal must be submitted online in English or French Through this portal. You will need to register an account, fill out an application form, as well as upload a union support form, completed budget form and support letters.

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