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Out of three feet, the swimming course can vary greatly in unpredictable weather conditions. Take a glass of water and dip it in some strong wind or strong waves, and you will suddenly find yourself swimming in the washing machine. Swimming waves, chilly seasons and foggy weather can all turn into a smooth swim. We asked a few experts to name the most difficult swimming courses in the race district and these five have been raised to the top:

Photo – Carlos Avila Gonzalez / San Francisco Chronicle

From 1934 to 1963, he held more than 1,500 inmates at the federal penitentiary, including Al Capon and George “Machine Gun” in San Francisco’s Alcatraz Island. Frank Lee Morris did not miss out on the popularity of Altarara — and the heavy humiliation of the San Francisco Bay will live on in this challenging 1.5-mile swimming course.

Swimming from Altara Island to San Francisco Water Park begins in an unusual way – jump straight from the boat to the cold, rough and foggy water that looks like a river moving in unusual directions. Some of the strongest swimmers in the sport – including Andy Pots, Eric Lagestrom and Lauren Brandon – said the course was very difficult. Alkaline swimming is great! If you have a slow day, it can also make swimming fun. ” “You have a tendency to jump from the hornbill, the signs are visible – although I haven’t seen much – and it’s cold. It’s great. ”

Photo: Rocky Arroyo

Every year in October, there are only some of the best people in the world to swim in this ocean. could be See Like swimming in paradise, the 2.4-mile Kona course is no joke. Salt, waves, heat and the unknown always control me in this ocean swimming course! ”Said Meredith Kesler, who ran seven times on the big island. Swimming to the seemingly 1.2 miles (then back!) In the middle of the ocean is not only a nervous breakdown, but the constant squeaking and squeaking of salt water burns you in my face, unites me. The hardest swimming courses in the district. ”

Sarah Pianpiano, who finished twice in the top ten in Kona, echoed those sentiments. “The water there is very salty and depleted,” says Pippanano. I find it very difficult to read and manage the fluctuating waves in the course, and the swelling can be severe. She said that swimming is more important than managing the calorie intake of the first part of the bike, as it makes you more tired than other courses. “You can’t eat and drink fast because swimming in the ocean can cause seasickness, but you need to eat and drink fast to make up for the energy in the pool.

The Laguna Phuket Triathlon, located on Thailand’s largest island, attracts international runners with a 1.8-kilometer pool, a 50-kilometer bike and a 12-kilometer run in rural, suburban and stunning beaches. Swimming here is a fun challenge — they both swim in the salt And Fresh Water: Starting in the Andaman Sea and ending in a freshwater lake.

A.D. “You spin the ocean and then run to the beach and swim to the lake,” said Tim Odonnell, who won the race in 2010. “It’s fun, but when you go out, tap the floating salt water and the clean water, it looks like you’re swimming fast! ”

Photo – Gregory Shams / Getty Images

With the waters off Panama City this November, swimming can be a two-legged leisure trip around the Gulf of Mexico. But according to Matt Hansen (who finished second in the IMFL in 2020), “The most difficult subjects in the district are climate-dependent. Ironman Florida may be easy to swim in, but there are also years when people can’t walk in the surf from the second round because of the wind. Even in the course of the lecture, Ironman mentioned that “strong waves, waves and occasional marine life are possible.”

Photo – Janos M. Schmidt / Aituyu Media

ITU Long Course Worlds in Oklahoma City

Although the race was moving, the difficulty of the 2016 swimming course at Lake Hefner in Oklahoma City was joined by Skye Moench years later. Moench, who took eighth place that year, said: “The water was very shallow, foggy and fragmented, and it was round. “I remember standing in the middle of the pool with a few other professionals and we all looked shocked – it was a very funny time. It took him a long time to complete that swim, and he felt that it would never end. Although the ITU is pushing, if you are a competitor, the half-distance Redman Triathlon will still be held at Lake Hefner (Note: Built for 2021).

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