5 Hardest Running Courses In Triathlon

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By the time you get to the theatrical race, many things are at an all-time high – including your temperature and your state of mind. When you know that you have spent most of your time in the pool and on the bike, every steep climb can feel like a mountain, and the scorching heat can do a lot of damage. When asked about some of the most difficult running courses in the race district, our pool of patriotic professionals said that these races are still tormenting their multi-sport dreams.

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This well-known challenging course – for three years as a metalworker, then for half a year, and now refilled in 2022 – was on the list of many benefits for both the bike and the race. “This speaks for itself – hill, heavy and hot!” A.D. In 2021, there was Mercedes Kesler, the winner of the Iron Curtain. “After the bike, it looks like it will run for the first four miles and then slide into the next big rolls. It’s hard to do one round – making two rings is absolutely brutal! It is one of the hardest metals I have ever made in my career because of this challenging race! ”

The lesson goes up and down the Red Cliff Desert Hills, surrounded by tall red rocks in southern Utah. A.D. Andy Pots, who was fifth in the 70.3 version in 2015, said: “When he gets off the bike, that race course doesn’t stop.” Just 10 miles later, when you think you’re done with the hills, there’s only one left – of course. “Four times the top ten – 70.3 St. George’s executive until Moench agrees,” In my opinion this is a very difficult race, because you are running up or down, and the hills are not a joke! Downhill hills really burn your legs and speed up your heartbeat at the beginning of the race, and your quadruple beats the hills (but I live for those hills!) ”

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For various reasons, the Ironman World Championships put it on our to-do swimming and cycling list. The race is no different. What makes it so difficult? “The heat, the humidity, the extreme cycling and the competition,” said Lynsey Corbyn, who ranked three times out of ten in Kona. And a special psychological barrier to overcome. “Bring all the ingredients you need for a serious course,” said Sarah Pippianiano, who has run six times in Kona. “If there are no spectators then there is a big piece of the course, which is a mental test.”

Matt Hansen, who fought with two DNAs in Kona in 2019 and 2015, said: Swimming and cycling as it is a major championship. But the volcanic fields are forgiving, and when you find that tail wind in a power laboratory, it just starts to boil. The last 10 miles[10 km]will break even more. ”

Located at the foot of the Vilarica volcano at the southern tip of Chile, this half-distance event shows a mountain course with mountain ranges. The 13.1-mile running course is broken into three rings, so you will always face the same challenges. He was also arrested in January for calling for a real dust-off negotiation. “It’s usually the first race of the year, so it’s your first big effort, and there’s a series of poems that go on and on,” says Lynsey Corbyn. “But strong spectators resist the temptation!”

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Although it is well-known for its popular swimming course, this San Francisco-based race poses a problem for every foot. After a hard, cold swim and a bike full of bikes and mountains, the race ends with two extraordinary challenges. Lauren Brandon, ranked in the top ten in Alcaraz, said: “This race is very bold and includes not only some technical routes but also a beach race and a sand ladder that includes two-minute ‘running’ sandy steps. 2017

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This two-round marathon will run through downtown Chattanooga, along the river and on bridges to the finish line. It sounds fun, but in reality the “rolling” course is a total of 1,100 feet and is hard to deceive. A.D. Andy Pots, who won the 70.3 version in 2015, said: “It’s very narrow in places and it really tests your ability to drive yourself.

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“I remember Lubock 70.3 It was so hot it was so hot and there was no shade! Said Tim Odonel. “Xterra Beaver Creek It also has a very difficult running course, starting at around 8,000 feet and running two different ~ 600 feet in 5 miles, ”said Eric Lagestrom. Beaver Creek dropped the hardest three-course course I’ve ever done.

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