4 new SkillsFuture job search programs to be released on January 4

Over the next three years, four new SkillsFuture job placement programs, covering nearly 300 positions, are being prepared to meet manpower needs in both emerging and developing sectors.

Three of these new programs will be released in October.

Job study programs allow adults to pursue higher qualifications while working.

Speaking at the SkillsFuture Workshop on Education yesterday, Second Minister of Education Maliki Osman said two memoranda of understanding was signed between higher education institutions and the Singapore Business Federation (SFF) and the Singapore Manufacturing Federation (MFF).

These links, Dr. Maliki said, will enable higher education institutions to include SBF and SMF networks — a total of 32,000 companies in local and medium-sized enterprises — and many employers to enroll in job search programs.

Expansion of work study programs will build on their success, Dr. Maliki said. For example, according to a survey last year, 96 percent of graduates are employed six months after completing their internship programs.

Since its inception in 2015, more than 7,000 trainees and more than 1,600 companies have benefited.

“One example of a company benefiting from the job search program is the Rafles Hotel, Singapore,” said Dr. Maliki. Trained.

Among them is Benjamin Tong, a graduate of the National ITE Certificate (NITK), 26. After being rejected from a technical education course, he is enrolled in a Security Systems Engineering course from the ITE. Due to poor grade point average.

Mr. Tong said that as part of the ITE Pioneers team, he was given a 5 percent salary increase at the end of the internship and given additional responsibilities.

He added, “I took the Faith Jump three years ago as a member of the Advanced Pioneer Team and I found the program very useful because I gained work experience and knowledge, which is different from the usual diploma that only involves studying.

Job Research Program Trainer Saita Ram Vivvanat, 25, is working for a Specialist Diploma in Sustainable Energy Management, jointly offered by the Singapore Institute of Technology and Tamasek Polytechnic. He noted that the knowledge gained under the plan has fulfilled the project of rehabilitating air conditioners.

The Sunseap Group, an energy company, initially found Sunseap Solutions, a project engineer, very difficult to carry out research projects at night. But he was grateful that his director, Peter Goh, had helped him manage his time.

“By learning how to manage my education and work, I have become more disciplined in my time,” he said.

He added that this has helped him to consult other trainees in the organization.

With the addition of four new job study programs, there are currently 187 such programs.

One of the three programs to be offered in October is a post-diploma in Postgraduate Studies (Special Diploma in Agri Technology and Agri Business) by Republic Polytechnic and Nge An Polytechnic. The other two programs are in business analysis and digital entertainment and events.

The SkillsFuture Work-Study Post-Diploma (WSQ Specialist Diploma in Aerospace) is the fourth new program and will be announced in January next year. It equips people who want to pursue a career in aeronautical engineering.

The program includes practical training and prepares participants for the tests to be conducted by the Singapore Civil Aviation Authority.

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