3Q Oil and Gas Discovery Summary

Here are some of the biggest oil and gas discoveries made in the third quarter of 2021.

Significant offshore Australia gas discovery

Earlier this month, the Mining Limited said it had discovered a “significant” gas discovery in EP368, a exploration license in the Australian Perth Basin in the Locker Depth 1 project.

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Annie does the main oil search

In September, Annie also announced a “major” oil discovery on a blog CI-101 on the Ivory Coast coast. The discovery potential is estimated to be between 1.5 and 2 billion barrels of oil and 1.8 to 2.4 trillion cubic feet of associated gas, according to the company.

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The Spirit gets more gas in Grove

Last month, Spring Energy announced that it had penetrated the weakened northeast and found more gas in the Grove field. As a result, Grove’s field life could be “significantly extended”, according to the company.

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BW Energy conducts oil exploration from overseas Gabon

In the same month, BUW Energy Limited announced the discovery of oil in the Dussau block of the Gabonese railway in the DHBNM-1. During excavations north of the hibiscus, an estimated 44-foot oil tanker was found on top of the Gamba sandstone.

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Annie made a new oil exploration off the coast of Mexico

In early August, NE announced the discovery of another oil on the Celta exploration forecast on the coast of Mexico. According to preliminary estimates, the discovery could have anywhere from 150 million to 200 million barrels of oil.

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Total Energy and Apache Corporation are conducting oil exploration

At the end of July, Total Energy reported that he and Apache Corporation had discovered oil in the Sapakara South-1 well, block 58 of the Suriname Coast. According to Topale Energy, Sapakara South-1 has paid 98 feet of refined oil for the well-known Campano-Mastrician Reservoir.

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ExxonMobil makes significant oil discoveries in coastal Guyana

ExxonMobil announced a “significant” discovery of oil on the Stable Block beach in Guyana in late July. The company said it had found Whiptail-1 in a 246-foot refinery in a high-quality oil-bearing sand reservoir, and in a three-mile northeast Whiptail-2 167-foot refinery in Whiptail-2. highlight l.

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Annie announced a significant oil exploration

In early July, Annie announced significant oil discoveries on Iban’s search in CTP Block 4 off the coast of Ghana. Ibane – 1X has secured a single oil column of approximately 262 feet in a thick sand dune in Kenoma, with hydrocarbons connected at 12,956 feet, Annie said.

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