‘364BCF Combustion Gas Can Generate 300MW’

Chairman of the National Gas Expansion Program, Mohammed Ibrahim, said saving 364 billion cubic feet of gas will generate 300 megawatts of electricity and create 300,000 jobs.

Mr Ibrahim made the remarks while paying tribute to Faruk Ahmed, CEO of the Nigerian Mid-Stream and Downstream Petroleum Authority (NMDPRA) in Abuja, saying the ongoing gas fires in Nigeria would lead to revenue losses.

He said 364 BCF FF will provide clean energy to more than six million households.

Ibrahim said the CNG and LPG are the best fuel for transportation, domestic consumption and power generation.

NMDPRA CEO Ahmed, for his part, said he is willing to work with NGEP drivers to increase gas production and domestic consumption in the country.

He told NGEP representatives that the Petroleum Industry Act (PIA) provides opportunities for gas development and that NGEP’s efforts to use and import gas will accelerate the growth of the Nigerian economy.

Ahmed assured the NGEP team that the Authority will formulate policies that encourage growth in the industry, ensure return on investment, and support productivity and domestic LPG consumption in the country.

In a separate statement, Ahmed said the Authority will implement the Petroleum Bridge Program to increase the accessibility of the product nationwide.

NMDPRA claims that it will compensate for all claims verified by all stakeholders in the distribution of Premium Motor Spirit (PMS).

He urged the debtors who collect the bridge tax on the pricing template to submit discounts so that the authority can pay higher claims.

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