3 free education programs to watch by the end of August!

Good scholarship programs can build confidence, increase vulnerability, and give you a better idea of ​​what to expect in the job market after passing certain courses. Many have lost their jobs during this time, and the current state of the Covide-19 is a great help.

Check out these three scholarships that you should apply for by August-end of 2021:

1. Nikon Scholarship Program 2021-22

Nikon India Private Limited Photography Course invites scholarship applications from students (Grade 12 Al Pass).

The scholarship program is designed to support students from disadvantaged communities.


Open to students (Section 12 after that) Attend photography courses for 3 months or more.

Annual household income must be less than INR 6 lakhs.

Awards and prizes; Up to INR 1 lakh

Last date to apply 31-08-2021

Application status: Online apps only

URL www.b4s.in/it/NSP5

2. Maintain a smiling infrastructure scholarship program in India

Colgate-Palmolev (India) is offering scholarships to young students to pursue their academic / vocational needs.

This scholarship program provides financial support to students pursuing various postgraduate and undergraduate degrees to continue their education and pursue careers.


Students who have achieved at least 75% marks or grade 12 at least 60% on the 2020 board exams are eligible to apply for a scholarship to pursue a higher education, a 3-year degree, a 4-year engineering degree, a diploma. Schedule and 1 year vocational course studies in sequence.

The annual household income of all applicants should be less than INR 5 lakhs per year.

Awards and prizes; Selected scholars can earn up to INR 30,000 a year, depending on their current level of education.

Last date to apply 31-08-2021

Application status: Apply online

URL https://colgatecares.co.in/keepindiasmiling/get-started.html

3. IIT Roorkee Hydro and Renewable Energy (HRED) Post-Doctor Union 2021

IIT Roorkee Hydro and Renewable Energy (HRED) Post-Doctor Union 2021 is a research opportunity for DHD degree holders.

The selected candidate will be required to work on the project – “Environmental management of water bodies: energy production based on waste biogas and greenhouse gas reduction”.


Candidates with a PhD degree with background in environmental microbiology / biogas technology / algal bioprocessing / water environment management or project related areas are eligible to apply.

Awards and prizes; Up to INR 60,000 per month

Last date to apply 20-08-2021

Application status: Online only

URL https://iitr.ac.in/administration/uploads/File/HRE/2021/adv19072021.pdf

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