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The stock market does not go online. There are often bumps on the road. However, those drops can often be a great opportunity for investors to buy their favorite stocks at lower prices.

We have asked some of our energy market contributors to buy their favorite stocks at Dip. Here’s why they think so Total energies (NYSE: TTE), Next Ira Energy (NYSE: NEE), And Brookfield Renewal (NYSE: BEP)(NYSE: BEPC) When volatility occurs, they are always seen as big purchase opportunities.

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Buy for today and in the future

Robben Greg Beer (Total Energy) Sometimes I feel like a broken record, but Total Energy is my favorite global energy major and a worthwhile addition. There are two main reasons for this.

For investors like me, the largest French company is a for-profit company. Not only is the product 7% (the highest in the peer group), but the administration has given a specific point to highlight the need for profit in the dark days of 2020. Better yet, he said he would keep the line. It costs an average of up to $ 40 per barrel. No other oil producer made such a commitment. Rivals BP And Ll l Really cut their profits.

TTE Dividend per Share (Quarterly) Chart

TTE Dividend Per Share (Quarterly) data by YCharts

The second major reason for continuing to buy this huge amount of energy is to expand it into a clean energy space and plan to adapt to the world around it. To be clear, I believe that oil and natural gas will be the most important fuels for decades to come. However, I realize that clean energy is a growing force in the world. While Total Energy is hosting this transition, it is using the legacy business as a cash cow to support its maintenance, as well as expecting a profit – so far – unique. The reduction in BP and LL profits came as a result of the announcement of clean energy transfer plans and Exxon Mobile And Chevron They are dragging their feet in the face of pure power.

In other words, for profit-seekers, Total Energy seems like a good way to invest in the energy world as it is today and tomorrow.

The best tool in the business

Matt Dillalo (NextEra Energy): NextEra Energy has done an amazing job of creating value for shareholders over the years. Of Utility Since 2005, it has increased its fixed-income earnings per share by 8.7%. That helped support 9.6% merger annually Profit share Growth within that time frame. Those two factors have helped force the return of an impressive 700% total shareholder over the last 10 years S&P 500During that time it was 267% of the total return.

Next Era Energy will continue to grow at a healthy rate in the coming years. The 6% to 8% annual target area is projected to grow at a higher rate or higher by 2023. Meanwhile, it expects to grow at least 10% per share on average by 2022. in the Renewable energy market.

The only problem is that NextEra Energy is trading at a premium price. Investors are willing to pay for the company’s historic success and bright future. The company currently sells to a carrier Inflation Rates More than 34 times. By comparison, other large appliances are traded about 20 times in front of you. As a result, NextEra is relatively low Profit share 1.8% for the consumer sector.

That makes the current price NextEra an ideal energy saver to buy on the dip. That gives investors the opportunity to buy this high-end device at a better price.

Mandatory combination of value and growth

Neha shoes (Brookfield Renewal): I really like my colleague Matt Dillalo’s stock choice, NextEra Energy, but at every dive there is another great free-to-play renewable energy source, and those Brooklynfield renewable partners.

The stock has come under a bit of pressure this year, but the Brookfield Renewal has been an impressive multi-badge over the years. Of course, past performance does not guarantee future results, but Brookfield’s renewable shares have not exploded. The company grew its share of operations by more than 10 percent year-over-year from 2010 to 2020, and has grown its annual profit since then and is now 2.9% good.

So what are the chances of it growing so fast? Higher, I would say, if the Brookfield Renewable Projects (FFO) will grow by 11% by 2025 in their area, supported by solar, wind, project pipelines, by up to 20%. And hydropower. Management also targets annual profit growth of 5% -9%, which means you were buying value And Whenever Brightfield buys renewable stocks, the profit margins in a high-capacity industry. It is not easy to find stocks with such binding characteristics, which makes Brookfield renewable for a long time one of the best stocks.

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