23 students join the Oregon Tech Honor Program

October 20, 2021, Klamat Pute, Ore. – The Oregon Tech Honor Program has 23 new members. SaturdayOctober 16, in front of friends, family, and peers.

The Special Academic Alternative Program, a unique academic option for all high-achieving students, provides a multidisciplinary course designed to prepare future leaders and professionals for successful careers and meaningful lives. The Opportunity Program offers Oregon Tech students additional curriculum and extracurricular learning experiences, a more complete career, a socially responsible person, and a connected and independent student.

Students in the Oregon Tech Honor Program participate in ideas, Q&A seminars, honors option courses, OWLS projects, communication events, and internships, including HELIOS. Field trips. Dedicated Honors Program Core Faculty provides interaction and instruction within the program.

“The Oregon Tech Honors Program includes a number of students who have excelled not only academically but also academically,” said Christopher J., Director of the Honors Program and Associate Professor of Communications. Sirnik PhD said. . “By participating in this rigorous study course, honorary students demonstrate exemplary academic and human skills and enjoy using their talents to advance their own knowledge as they prepare to embark on meaningful careers while contributing to the betterment of society.”

Eligible students are invited to apply for an honorary program at the Klamas Waterfall Campus. Honors Program Students will be required to have a 3.5 GPA or higher when applying for the program, completing application essays and participating in interviews as needed.

Students enrolled in the honor program

Lane Abraham, Pre-Treatment Imaging Technology (Cottage Grove)

Mackena Adams, Pre-Medical Imaging Technology (Helsboro)

Sadie Brackin, Civil Engineering (Ridfield, Washington)

Eva Brady, Pre-Therapy Imaging Technology (Veneta)

Teron Gray, Mechanical Engineering (Klamas Waterfall)

Luke Hong Kong, Mechanical Engineering (Vancouver, Washington)

Ben Horwit, Biology-Health Sciences (Ireka, California)

Doug House, Dual Renewable Energy Engineering and Electrical Engineering (Danville, Pennsylvania)

Kai Fantanila, Mechanical Engineering (Olympia, Washington)

Dylan Jackson, Electrical Engineering (Aptos, California)

Megan Jordan, Biology-Health Sciences (Clamat Waterfall)

Zoe Krichko, Biology-Health Sciences (Klamat Water)

Thomas Long, Biology-Health Sciences (Barstu, California)

Terren Maptorp, Biology-Health Sciences (Carlton)

Brandon Mohlman, Integrated Systems Engineering Technology (Creswell)

Josh Moore, Renewable Energy Engineering (Happy Valley)

Derek Moon, Renewable Energy Engineering (Columbus, Ohio)

Ezra Nisse, Electrical Engineering (Bonanza)

Kyora Omera, Renewable Energy Engineering (Scapoz)

Neil Regguto, Psychology (Montag, California)

Spencer Store, Mechanical Engineering (Bend)

Rain Wilcox, Pre-Nursing (Clamat Falls)

Abigail Wilson, Dental Hygiene (Cos Bay)

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