Howard’s questions increase the amount of natural gas

HOWARDON—Howardon Public Works Director Travis Waterman presented the Howardon City Council with information on the increase in natural gas demand at Northern Natural Gas at its Sept. 14 meeting. Northern Natural Gas as a rate-regulated utility needs to demand and justify increased volumes. He is taking the case to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission along … Read more

What are the different crude oil and natural gas prices for the EU and the US?

When Russia invaded Ukraine in late February, forecasters were quick to revise their forecasts of sharply higher energy prices, citing shortages in oil and natural gas supplies. Europe was widely believed to be vulnerable to cuts in natural gas supplies from Russia, which supplies about 40 percent of its energy needs. At the same time, … Read more

DCNR is on track to get 100 percent power from renewable sources by 2030 Five for the weekend – Pennsylvania Capital-Star

Sheep graze between and under solar panels that help power Susquehanna University in south-central Pennsylvania. (Photo courtesy of Owens Farm)

Happy weekend, everyone. Earlier this week, the state agency tasked with overseeing the Commonwealth’s regional parks and forests said it was in the process of generating or buying all of its electricity. Renewable resources in 2030. of Department of Conservation and Protection of Natural Resources “He said he expects to use it,” he said on … Read more

Drones can be useful in predicting volcanic eruptions to prevent disasters.

Representational image: Drones can be helpful in predicting volcanic eruptions by collecting samples from gassy volcanoes. (AFP)

There are as many as 50 active volcanoes on Earth at any given time. Many of these volcanoes are more likely to release hot gases like steam and carbon dioxide than lava. Although dangerous, collecting these gases is essential to understanding the puzzling nature of volcanoes. Collecting samples of volcanic gases is dangerous, but now … Read more

India, Caribbean Community countries agree to work on global issues like food and energy security and climate change | Law-order

India and the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) countries have agreed to work together on global issues such as food and energy security and combating climate change, deepening political discussions and enhancing cooperation in terms of post-pandemic economic recovery. The fourth India-CARICOM Foreign Ministers’ Meeting was held on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly on … Read more

West Virginia’s role in the oil and gas industry

This week, as we welcome members of the National Association of Pipeline Safety Representatives to Charleston, I’m reflecting on the significant role West Virginia has played in the development of the oil and gas industries. In the year Although the drilling of the Drake well in Pennsylvania in 1859 is considered the beginning of the … Read more

USAID launched a program to promote women leaders in the energy sector

USAID launches programme to promote women leaders in energy sector

USAID launched an energy development initiative called Urja Nepal on Friday for this program. Development of management and leadership skills for women in the energy sector. The program aims to empower women to become the next female leaders in the energy sector. This program supports Nepal’s efforts to increase the participation of women, who are … Read more