Sununu said he does not support bringing back biomass in New Hampshire.

Gov. Chris Sununu is closing the door on a proposal to bring biomass power plants back online to provide power this summer. Some lawmakers said the 2023 legislative session would be the “Year of Biomass” to generate more energy locally, but Sununu quickly dismissed that idea in an interview with “CloseUP.” He did it. The … Read more

As California gas prices rise, Newsom relaxes fracking rules

Sacramento, California – California Gov. Gavin Newsom announced on Friday that oil refineries will be able to sell more polluting winter-blend gasoline ahead of a plan to lower fuel prices that goes against his own goal of reducing climate emissions. In California, the average price of a gallon of gas in California was $6.30, well … Read more

As gas prices soar, Gov. Newsom calls for tax on oil companies and urges switch to winter-blend fuel

As gas prices soar in California, Gavin Newsom on Friday called on lawmakers to introduce a windfall tax on gas companies, and state air regulators urged refiners to produce cheaper winter blend gasoline to help boost supplies and lower prices. . “Crude oil prices have dropped. Oil industry profits soared. However, oil prices in CA … Read more

4 things to restore Florida’s electric grid

Utility companies still have no idea how long it will take to turn on the lights for all those Floridians. According to Duke Energy Florida, for example, those winds were still strong enough Thursday to deploy bucket trucks to work on power lines. Here are four things to know as Florida works to recover from … Read more

‘They’re ripping you off’: Newsom pushes new tax on oil companies as California gas prices rise

As Californians face higher prices at the pump, Gov. Gavin Newsom wants to fight back by imposing a windfall tax on oil companies’ profits. Newsom expressed his opinion in A Twitter video He posted Friday afternoon that the average statewide gas price has risen 84 cents over the past 10 days, impersonating oil companies. Petrol … Read more

Newsom asked for an early release of the winter mix amid rising gas prices

California gas prices are on the rise, but relief may be coming for drivers Gas prices in California continue to soar, and now Gov. Newsom is calling for an early release of winter blended gasoline to help lower costs. los angeles – As gas prices continue to soar in California, Governor Gavin Newsom has asked … Read more

Governor Newsom calls for windfall tax to put oil profits back in Californians’ pockets | Governor of California

SACRAMENTO – As Californians face renewed increases in gas prices, Gov. Gavin Newsom today called for a windfall tax on oil companies that will go directly back to California taxpayers. As crude oil prices plummet, oil companies have raised California gas prices by 84 cents a gallon in just the last 10 days. At the … Read more

The 7 best microcap stocks to buy right now

best micro-cap stocks - The 7 Best Micro-Cap Stocks to Buy Now

So are you looking for the best microcap stocks to buy now? Congratulations! You could be on your way to a big tax cut from a hefty capital loss. Seriously, the US Securities and Exchange Commission wants to have a word with you. First, let’s talk about definitions. The best microcap stocks to buy, the … Read more