New home improvement courses in Harrogate help improve the energy efficiency of homes

The courses aim to give builders an understanding of retrofitting practices and address the nearly 67,000 homes in the district that need retrofitting, making them more energy efficient and reducing their impact on CO2 levels by 2030. identify building structures and construction methods; Retrofit relevance for carbon reduction and reduced bills over time; The presentation … Read more

South Africa’s third nuclear energy management school opens in Africa

“Both academic institutions and the nuclear industry have a role to play in ensuring that our education system produces qualified and experienced nuclear workers,” said Lerato McGaa, Senior Advisor, Nuclear Stakeholder Management at ESKOM Holdings in his opening remarks. (Photo: DMRE) This year’s school in South Africa benefited from the support, coordination and input of … Read more

North Macedonia faces an energy crisis if no relations agreement is signed with Bulgaria.

Bucharest (ICC) – Businessmen active in South-Eastern Europe are concerned about the security of energy supply in North Macedonia, which cannot tap alternative sources if Russia cuts off exports. The country could import gas from Bulgaria, which, in turn, produces from Greece, but despite ample cross-border capacity, it is prevented from doing so by the … Read more

Continuation of in-person training events on the FISPACT platform

Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA) – Continuation of physical training events on the FISPACT platform In the first in-person event conducted by the NEA data bank since the outbreak began, June 21-23, 2022. It was the … Read more

Human resource development SEIA

SEIA is working to create and facilitate programs, tools, resources and networks that benefit our member companies, affiliates and solar industry employees. Building a strong workforce is only possible through the active participation of solar companies willing to work with community organizations, training providers, educational institutions and other workforce organizations. Source: SEIA 30 in 30 … Read more