Investing in people for access to energy

Guest blog by Akanksha Golcha As the renewable sector in India grows rapidly, electricity quality and reliability remain a major challenge, especially in rural areas. Distributed Renewable Energy (DRE) is a medium to provide 24 X 7 power supply to all. DRE can not only bridge the energy access gap but also be a powerful … Read more

The Oklahoma legislature created the legal framework for hydrogen energy

[Stay on top of transportation news: Get TTNews in your inbox.] Oklahoma lawmakers have passed nine new laws that create the legal infrastructure for hydrogen fuel, putting residents and businesses in a better position to develop, use and distribute the alternative energy source. Hydrogen fuel bills introduced in the 58th Oklahoma State Legislature (February 7 … Read more

The best strategies don’t just take the long view. They have a broad vision.

Leaders have long been told that thinking strategically means taking the long view and focusing on where you are going. Contemporary tools such as the three-horizon framework reflect this focus. But in today’s interconnected and fast-moving world, leaders need to develop strategies that take not only the long-term view, but also strategies. Wide ViewFully embrace … Read more

Fengshui Republic launched courses to teach entrepreneurs about the energy of the environment.

PETALING JAYA, Malaysia–( News File – May 21, 2022 ) – Fengshui Republic has launched new courses for all business entrepreneurs to cultivate good energy and greater wealth and health. Fengshui Republic is the first and only feng shui Chinese metaphysics company ISO9001-certified. The company also holds the Malaysia Book of Records as the largest … Read more

What is a successful mindset for weight loss maintenance? – Harvard Health

Losing weight in today’s calorie-dense, hyper-processed, activity-sparing, chronically stressful, so-called “toxic” environment is a difficult task. But implementing a healthy and sustainable weight loss regimen is more difficult. Short-term weight loss can be easier than long-term weight maintenance Most of us can successfully lose weight in a short period of time. But people who go … Read more

Demand for oil and gas courses at Aberdeen University has fallen by more than a third, figures show

Students applying to degree programs at the University of Aberdeen have seen a general shift around renewable energy. It’s a different picture for oil and gas-related programs, however, with the number of prospective students showing a steep downward trend, according to figures obtained by Energy Voice under freedom of information. There were 1,027 applications for … Read more

IAEA supports nuclear law education: regulation and safety

May 05, 2022 Six countries have partnered with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to increase educational and professional development opportunities for students in international and national nuclear law. IAEA-sponsored nuclear law programs are held at universities in Argentina, Brazil, Egypt, Jamaica, South Africa and the United Arab Emirates. IAEA Director General Rafael Mariano Grossi … Read more

How much does Germany depend on Russian power?

A chemical plant of Evonik steams in Wesseling, near Cologne, Germany, Wednesday, April 6, 2022. Germany warns to ban all energy imports from Russia due to the war in Ukraine, as an embargo would have unpredictable consequences for Europe's biggest economy. Despite the energy transition to renewables to fight climate change, Germany still relies heavily on imports of oil, gas and coal. Most fossil fuels are imported from Russia. (AP Photo/Martin Meissner)

Germany plans to impose European sanctions on Russia after it invades Ukraine. On May 2, Christian Lindner, the finance minister, and Robert Habeck, the economy minister, indicated that the EU was ready to support a ban on Russian oil imports. Germany’s support enabled the European Commission to announce on May 4 that it would propose … Read more