Alessandro F. Rota Loria has been announced as the winner of the 2022 Curriculum Innovation Award

Northwest Engineering Alessandro F. Rota Loria and Heinber Pinkett of Weinburg College of Art and Science have been awarded the 2022 Northwest University Curriculum Innovation Award. The award seeks to support teachers who present undergraduate innovations that improve their curriculum with new courses, teaching methods and new classes. The accreditation comes with a $ 12,500 … Read more

What is the difference between biological and chemical engineering? | ZDNet

Many prospective students have difficulty distinguishing between different engineering disciplines. The interpretation of each profession can sometimes be a bit confusing as there are so many overlapping and disciplinary issues in each branch. On this page we will examine the differences between biological and chemical engineering, between the two most confusing branches of engineering. Helping … Read more

Fluctuations in the cell cycle indicate a strong and hygienic response to changes in cytoplasmic density.

Importance The cytoplasm, where many cellular reactions occur, has a variable density. Because of the challenges of experimental control, we do not currently understand how weight differences affect cellular functions. Here, using microfluidics, we systematically adjust the density of the in vitro cytoplasm and examine how the cell cycle works in turn. We found that … Read more

At sea power to high performance seawater batteries

Imaging scientists have developed an efficient way to produce novel integrated anode materials for rechargeable seawater batteries. View More Credit Writing National Korea Maritime and Ocean University Lithium-ion batteries have taken the world by storm. However, the lack of lithium and the high cost have led researchers to look for more rechargeable batteries, such as … Read more

OPEC + fails to meet production targets in January |


In January, the group lifted an additional 210,000 barrels a day and OPEC failed to meet its target again. Looking at this from a monthly perspective, the team has increased production by only 210,000 bpd instead of 400,000 bpd – a January shortfall of 190,000 barrels per day. But the real disadvantage is huge. Given … Read more

The gas leak sends President Medows elementary students home early

Living, Texas (KXAN) – President Medowus Elementary students in Maolan were expelled Monday morning due to a gas leak. Parents make sure students and staff are safe in the district. A warning posted on the school website ገለልተኛ ገለልተኛ ገለልተኛ ገለልተኛ ገለልተኛ ገለልተኛ ገለልተኛ ገለልተኛ ገለልተኛ ገለልተኛ ገለልተኛ ገለልተኛ ገለልተኛ ገለልተኛ ገለልተኛ ገለልተኛ ገለልተኛ ገለልተኛ … Read more

CGX hits oil on Corentyne – Stabroek News

After more than 22 years of exploration by Canadian oil explorer, CGX oil hit commercial volume at Kawa-1 off the coast of Cortinstein. Sources close to the company say further assessments are still needed on the quality and depth of the oil. The company’s stock oil was cut off in the Toronto Stock Exchange this … Read more

The UK Minister for Trade visited the mobile industry city of Saudi Arabia during his visit to Saudi Arabia.

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia In particular, knowledge of STEM science, technology, engineering and mathematics and its practical application in daily life. Mohammed Alemami, a 35-year-old computer scientist, is on a mission with robotics company LLC. Olivia founded Robotics in 2014 in the state of Maryland in the United States, where he earned a doctorate in at … Read more

T-Mobile has already reached the 100% renewable energy goal of other US service providers

T-Mobile has done well in its commitment to achieve 100% renewable energy in 2018. T-Mobile announced that it has achieved its RE100 goal in a strategy that includes eight virtual power deals, 19 retail deals, a green directory program and unified renewable energy certificates. Instead of connecting all the devices directly to a renewable energy … Read more