Infrared, visible light and ultraviolet rays – electromagnetic spectrum rays

as if Robert Hazen, Ph.D., George Mason University All electromagnetic radiation, such as radio waves, microwaves, infrared, ultraviolet, X-rays, and gamma rays, travel at light speeds. They are all produced by swinging magnetic or electric fields. Thus, all these different wavelengths are connected to matter by pulling, pulling, and scattering. Electromagnetic spectrum is a continuous … Read more

When it comes to pure power, he is the king of California

Broad-based renewable energy exchanges such as transactions ALPS Pure Energy ETF (ACES), Operating in a variety of industries and geographical locations. On a geographical note, the concept of renewable energy investment is driven by domestic and international forces – to be included in the ACES list. Many investors in the United States are paying close … Read more

Grass helps rural Nebraska explore exploring clean energy options

Converting to pure energy is not a one-size-fits-all effort. John Hi, a Nebraska extension instructor who conducts solar workshops, helps individuals make decisions that are appropriate for their home, farm, livestock, or business. “Success is not always about choosing the sun,” he said. “Success is a good analysis of resources to make the best decision.” … Read more

Despite problems with Lordstown Motors, Volta Valley launches manpower training efforts: Allegheny Front

Across the Pennsylvania border, the former steel state of eastern Ohio is moving forward with a new industry – electric vehicles. Leaders are pushing the region like the Volta Valley, mostly with an electric vehicle battery factory, and a faulty electric truck to Lordstown Motors. While there is no doubt about it, both companies are … Read more

Nicholas Institute, to integrate energy initiative

As the university continues its efforts to address climate change and its effects, the two Dukem multidisciplinary units will be merged. Nicholas Institute of Environmental Policy Institute and Duke University Energy Initiative TV Brian Murai, Ph.D. He will then take over as the interim director of the newly formed department. Duke is developing a strategic … Read more