10 years of e-education: Nearly 22,000 complete courses in nuclear safety

Celebrating 10 years of the Nuclear Safety Education Program, nuclear operators, regulators, policymakers, academics and students marked the completion of nearly 22,000 courses in 170 countries. IAEA launches first nuclear safety e-education course, use of optical detection equipment Since 2010, the agency has developed a collection of 17 free nuclear safety e-courses. . Nuclear Safety … Read more

In South Korea, the “artificial sun” reached 180 million degrees Fahrenheit

By Johnny Lupsha, current events writer South Korean plasma generator breaks world record Science Alarm Reported, with a temperature of 100 million degrees Celsius for 20 seconds. The device aims to re-engineer nuclear energy. The sun, which contains most of the hydrogen and some helium, generates its energy through nuclear fusion. Photo by Shutterstock according … Read more

What you need to know about hydrogen power

By working together, solar and hydrogen energy can stimulate future renewable markets. Credit-Pixabay Jun Juan Huang, a professor at the School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, believes that hydrogen has the potential to create a green economy of the future. “Hydrogen is a pure fuel and is the only source of water and has no … Read more

False Expert – Beden’s energy plan is aggressive, but more can be done Source | University of Washington in St. Louis

(Image: Shutterstock) Geophysics Michael Wisem, a professor of geography and planetary science at the University of Washington in the arts and sciences at the University of Washington, teaches “Energy and the Environment” and the author of the Great Courses lecture series, “Energy Science-Resources” and Power. “Here’s a break with the 9-point power plan of President-elect … Read more

CCAC will go big in the sun with the planned 540 kW panel load

Pittsburgh, which is not well known for its sunlight, is rapidly becoming a major source of solar energy. Recent large loads of Hazelwood Green’s Mill 19 (the country’s largest single-slope negotiation) and global links in the Green Tree have hinted at solar energy. Allegheny County Community College (CCAC) is now reaffirming its commitment to clean … Read more

ISGF will launch an online training program for Power and Utilities in Blockchain starting in January 2021

The sessions will be delivered by world-renowned experts from well-known companies in the training program New Delhi, January 11, 2021 (PRNewswire) – ISGF has launched an online training program for power and resources on the blockchain. Training sessions of this program from January 07, 2021 to the February 05, 2021. This training program introduces the … Read more

Increasing worker safety in the renewable energy industry – environmental protection

Increasing worker safety in the renewable energy industry As renewable energy use becomes more common, protection in the industry must be a priority. By Jane Marsh January 06, 2021 Every industry comes with risks, and so is the renewable energy sector. Fortunately, there are few deadly incidents. However, injuries are relatively common. Closed gaps, electric … Read more