2,000 more training sites for HGV drivers are ‘one drop in the ocean’, says Labor

An additional 2,000 training centers will be set up to increase the number of truck drivers, but little will be done before Christmas.

The sites will be available after ታወ 17 million in government-funded and job interview interviews at the previously announced “Skills Launch Camps”.

But the courses do not start until November and last up to 16 weeks, which means they may not be enough to alleviate the fear of food shortages at Christmas.

According to the National Bureau of Statistics, one in six adults in the UK consumes essential nutrients in HIV.

Last month, the government announced courses to train 3,000 people as drivers, bringing the final 2,000 to Sunday, bringing the total to 5,000.

Education Secretary Nadim Zahawi, for his part, said: “We are expanding our skill boot camps to help more people enter the industry, get the skills needed for 5,000 people on the road, and renew their previous skills. He can return to the road. “

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October 3 – The Prime Minister does not rule out a Christmas shortage

An additional 1,000 people will be trained through government-funded programs.

However, the new drivers, who acknowledged that Lawin Downing Road will not be “ready” by February, said it was only “falling into the ocean.”

“This is a drop in the ocean and it is clear that the government is unwilling or unwilling to understand the magnitude of the Christmas challenge,” said Jim McMahon, the shadow transport secretary.

The industry warns that only 15,000 drivers will be needed for Christmas food – huge gaps.

If the prime minister does not take this crisis seriously and does not show real interest in resolving it, workers will continue to pay the rising cost of energy bills and empty shelves this summer.

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