1968 Howmet TX racing car unleashes gas turbine power at Villa de Est

An unusual prototype racing car has been unveiled this year at Concors de Elegan Villa de Eston, revealing at least some of its unusual power. The car in question is a gas turbine-powered race car designed and built in 1968 to explore the concept. The race was a joint effort between Ray Hepentalt, Chase Engineer, Chase Engineer, and Hamet Corporation, which funded the project.

To date, HummetteX is the first and only turbine-powered car to win a fair and official race. In a short, one-year motor career, TX won two Sports Car Club America (SCCA) races and two more speeding titles. He also set six ground speed records after retiring from motor sports.

First, TX had turbines borrowed from Continental Aviation and Engineering to design a non-production military helicopter protocol. Two TX cars with a 350 horsepower (260 kilowatts) and 650 pound-jets (880 Newton-meters) each were built with a TS325-1 gas turbine. Surprisingly, the red line was about 57,000 minutes.

The race car was not equipped with a transmission, but instead had a speed limit. However, the difference is that it can change the driving ratios quickly, thus allowing the car to adapt to different race tracks. Also, the absence of a gearbox means that there is no reversal, and the car has been modified with a small electric motor because the FIA ​​needs to reverse homosexuality.

As far as we know, the TX recorded in the video did not have the first continental turbine under the hood, since it was not during the renovation of the vehicle. Instead, the Allison 250C18 turbine has been installed, however, for the time being we cannot verify the data. Regardless of the turbine used, the sound during acceleration is astounding.

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