19 Amazing discoveries in the desert oasis in Midland, Texas

Downtown Midland is the financial and commercial center of West Texas Permian Basin, the world’s second-largest oil and gas producer, known for its oil, natural gas, salt and potassium. Apart from Houston, there is no other place in the United States that plays such a major role in the country’s energy industry as the Permanent Basin.

Midland is nicknamed the “Long City” in the center of the city center, which stands out for miles. Most of the office buildings were built during significant oil and gas discoveries. The economy in Midland is booming, and residents are benefiting from the second-highest personal income in the United States.

The city of Midland developed a halfway line between Fort Worth and El Paso. Known as Midway, the name was later changed to Midland. The local farmland is famous for its Hereford cattle.

The city of West Texas is proud to be the hometown of former First Lady Laura Bush and home to two US presidents, George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush. This flat, semi-arid, mesh-mixed grassland offers many hidden gems in addition to fuel pump plugs. Let’s explore Midland.

1. Permian Basin Petroleum Museum

The 40,000-square-foot interactive area will soon complete a $ 18 million renovation of the Permian Basin Power and Petroleum History. The museum hopes to introduce skills to young people in the industry. Watch the introductory film, the 250 million-year-old Permian Reef renaissance, and the 1930’s city of Bombay. You will see interactive touch screens, dramatic lights, and special effects accompanying Petrotrekker with adventure and oil drilling adventures. The city of Chevron Energy teaches about solar, hydro and nuclear power.

2. Marion Blackmore Planetarium

Blemomor Planetarium houses one of the world’s few Spitz SciDome projectors with custom fish-eye contact lenses. Check out the permanent exhibition space and classroom. Dome shows will be held Tuesday through Saturday, followed by star talks. Astronauts hosted by astronomers in West Texas are scheduled once a month, except during the summer. A.D. In 1972 the construction of the Blackmore Planetarium was completed on the grounds of the Southwest Museum.

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3. Southwest Museum

Formerly owned by Fred and Juliette Turner, Turner Massion has been the Southwest Museum since 1968. Turner Memorial Museum, Sculpture Garden, Freddie Turner Durham Children’s Museum and Marian West and William B. The BlackMeck Planetarium includes the Southwest Museum. Browse the permanent collection, as well as the “Lem Valley – Taos Artists Association”, “Five Centuries Maps of Mexico” and more recently “Sand Drawings”.

4. Wagner Noel Art Center

Named Lisa Noel Wagner, a major donor family, the Wagner Noel Performing Arts Center is located on the satellite campus of the University of Texas at the University of Texas between Medland and Odessa.

Tip: They love shows in August Knockout de Risas, Spanish comedy scene. Also, see Billy Music And One night with the Gatlin brothers. Coming in 2022, see Rain – tribute to the Beatles.

George W. Bush's childhood home;  Midland, Texas
(Photo Credit – James Durbin, Oilfield Photographer)

5. George W. Bush Childhood Home Museum

George W. Bush’s childhood home From 1951 to 1955, two former presidents were George W. Bush and his father, George H. W. Bush. The house was built in 1940 and was purchased by the Bush family for $ 9,000.

Tip: Each child who donates a book can visit Bush’s home for free during the current fundraiser. The Laura Bush Literacy Program encourages reading, including the preparation for the third Thursday reading program.

6. Brown-Dorsey Medalion Home

A.D. The Victorian-type residence, built in 1899, is said to be the oldest home in Medland and the owner of the Midland Historical Society. The house, adorned with ornaments from the 1800s, features a magnificent Gothic glass window. Visits are available by appointment.

Scarborough-Lineberry House;  Midland, Texas
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7. Scarborough-Lineberry House

Built in 1907 for the Kara and FF Scarborro, the Scarboro-Lenberry House is a former West Texas cattle ranch. The historic home is available for guided tours, guests, lunches, dinners and weddings.

8. Plisca Plane

John V Pliska built the aircraft after seeing the Wright Brothers Model B aircraft land in Midland in 1911. In 1912, he flew the plane, the first to be built in Texas.

Tip: Check out the display hanging above the luggage claim area at Midlandland International Air and Space Port.

9. Midland International Air and Space Harbor

Located between Midland and Odessa, Midland International Air and Space Harbor operates daily operations in the United States, Southwest and United Airlines. The airport is the first commercial airport in the country to receive the FAA Spaceport.

The Midland Development Corporation is studying the concept of a “highway in the sky” licensed by the FAA for a superhero test between Mexico and the United States. Once approved, the infrastructure will allow the Department of Defense and private companies to conduct tests. This project will encourage dozens of space companies to move to the Permian Basin.

I-20 Wildlife Protection;  Midland, Texas
(Photo Credit – James Durbin, Oilfield Photographer)

10. I-20 Wildlife Conservation and Jenna Bush Welch Nature Research Center

Located on the 86-hectare Lake Playa, 20 acres north of Interstate, 100 hectares of basin will be protected by wildlife. Browse the 3.4 mile trail system with the ADA 1.45 mile loop path. View the 2,105-foot sidewalk with learning facilities such as seven bird-blind, hawk-watching tower, four teaching platforms, two butterfly gardens, and four dining stations. The habitat offers views of butterflies, rabbits, badgers, porridge, raccoons, reptiles and amphibians, butterflies, birds and wildlife. Admission is free.

11. Midland Downtown Fire Museum

The Midland Downtown Lions Club Fire Station contains historic fire extinguishers along with photos of ancient equipment on the walls. Check out the World War II Air Force Base and the city’s first two fully recovered fire trucks, a World War II 406 gallon tank and a 1928 US La La France T-99 engine.

12. Midland County Historical Museum

Midland County Historical Museum, Native American Heritage, Pioneer Heritage Heritage, Photographs and Civil War, and World War I and World War II exhibitions. See the “Midland Man” fossil found on the skull, ribs, and wrists south of Midland in 1953 on a Sharbuwer farm, confirming that human life existed around 9,900-9500 BC.

Haley Library and History Center;  Midland, Texas
Janny Pace

13. Haley Library and History Center

The Haley Library and History Center hosts a vast collection of books, papers, art, monuments, photographs, Western sculptures and the Midland area of ​​historical figures, ranchers, oil and gas investors. You will find Southwest Texas History, Agriculture and Livestock Associations, Civil War Records, Genealogy, Quana Parker and Charles Goodwatch. The library holds the first bell hanging in Alamo. I love to buy galleries and shop for books, Western art and photography.

Chaparral Race Car Gallery;  Midland, Texas
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Gym Hall and Hap Sharp have started a small racing team in Midland called Chaparall Car, a Spanish pavilion. Check out Chaparral cars, which are celebrated in the racing community as a creator of aerodynamic wings and lightweight construction materials. Join the world-famous Chaparral Pit Crew Fan Fan Club.

Midland RockHounds;  Texas
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15. Midland Rockwoods, double-team for Oakland Athletics

The Midland Junior League baseball team, Midland Rockwoods, will play in a double-A center in partnership with Oakland Athletics. The team is close as the Midlanders arrive at pro baseball. Check the website to find tickets for seasonal gatherings, club seats, box and reserve seats. Playing ball!

16. Golf in Midland

You will find 13 golf courses in the Midland area – eight in Midland and five in Odessa. Of the eight, five are private, two are municipal courses, and one is public. Public Golf Course, Nueva Vista Golf Club, has 6,900 yards at Par 72. The two municipal courses include the Hogan Park Roadrunner Golf Course, 18 to 6,925 yards with Par 72, and the Hogan Park Quarter Course, Equivalent 71, with 18 holes over 6,593 yards.

17. Susi South Forty Confectionery Candy Factory

Susie South Forty Conflict, featured on the food network Un packaged Along with the “Texas Trash,” it boasts a mixture of cereal, prunes and pecans sprinkled with white chocolate. Try the Food Richie Chocolate Perfection, Rotten Chocolate Pickup in Belgian Chocolate. She also creates custom Texas gift baskets.

18. Midland Farmers Market

Buy fresh farm table vegetables, artist bread, scrambled eggs, melons, cantaloupe, pumpkins, local honey and goat cheese on Saturday mornings (rain or light, April to October) for Midland farmers. You will find strawberry / cranberry jam, chili mixture, chili cheese bread, peka sandwiches and jalapeno salsa. Vendors have to produce or produce their own products, which means you are buying locally and supporting the community.

19. Midland Restaurants

Pure Springs Restaurant is a destination for seafood and steaks in Midland. They are highly rated for grilled catfish, and are a classic bacon-roasted shrimp. Deep fried onion rings so that you don’t miss out on the high-fat appetite.

Tip: Place a homemade peach cob with vanilla ice cream or chocolate cake with ice cream.

Carmine Scarselli, an Italian, founded a Venetian restaurant. Experience northern Italian cuisine with an extensive wine list with over 500 labels. You get nothing but the best seafood here, they fly in regularly. Taste fried tenderloin or baby lamb. Enjoy cooked meat, chicken or duck ala kakatotor by all means.

Tip: Save space with Italian Cream Cake or Classic Tramisu, Club or Whole Cake.

You can eat your way through 30 Mexican restaurants in Midland, all claiming to be the best and our family living there.

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