100 displaced homes and businesses in a 16-block area; The center of Joplin was closed due to gas leaks

Joplin, mo. – Shortly before 2:30 p.m., construction workers struck the main gas line near 219 West 14th. The gas line was the main line and the Joplin fire chief was Inter. Mark Canon tells us, “We left 16 square blocks. We have opened all the sewers on the streets at the outlet. That was done for ventilation. Now people are saying that they will return home.

Spire About two hours after the first incident, Spire had a leak at about 4:15 p.m. Chief Canen also told us that there were 17 staff and three stations working on the case this afternoon.

When a boring machine hits the gas line and the main sewer line together and the gas does not come out of the well, it seems to be moving in a sewer system that can enter homes and businesses. The smell of natural gas was in the air while they were driving.

Spire has stopped leaking and will begin the process of clearing the discharge area. Residents affected by the displacement can return to their homes. Please note that many drains for ventilation have been removed. Be safe when returning home and stay away from these open access points. Spire filters in neighborhoods, if you need help from Spire please feel free to talk to them while you are in your area. ”

Joplin Fire Room

Closed (Square area)

  • North Side on the 12th
  • South Side at 16th
  • Mainly on the east side
  • West on Pearl Road
The area has been vacated and closed to the public.

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