10 tips for relaxation so you don’t have to wait for R&R spa day

You may have been told to relax at some point in your life: by a massage therapist managing your emotions, trying to help a well-meaning partner, or whatever seems to be cool all the time.

As a mother, I told my daughter at least a hundred times, it doesn’t matter.

Relax can be an invitation. On the other hand, it could be an insult. That much depends on the context, but it also depends on what you have developed well Ability Vacation time.

Yes, relaxation is a skill. The state of magic is not a letter or a stimulus that can lead to a magical state, and it is not a key to suddenly entering a cold state.

That may be a little disappointing, but it can be a relief.

I can’t count how many times I’ve tried to relax myself, just to know that my work is not working. In fact, trying to force myself to relax often makes my stress worse.

Instead of waiting and relaxing as a light switch, I have learned the tools to bring myself to a relaxed state.

These tools have helped me understand Practice It could be more, more, my default situation. When that happens, I am more prepared to deal with stress.

The term “recreation” can refer to dude images in sunglasses, swimming pools, and slides or on a tropical beach vacation with Thai.

The good news is that being relaxed does not depend on your clothes, surroundings, or endless supply of white Russians.

You can take recreation as a skill and take it with you wherever you go.

Creating space for recreation is my first step.

Here are some things to keep in mind. Recreation is not a matter of speeding, rushing, or running. It is not coercion, competition, or competition.

They eliminate the opportunity to participate in one of these activities by creating space, competing for a parking space, speeding up the door, or running during work hours.

On the contrary, relaxation may seem like this:

  • Relax your tea for 10 minutes before heading out for the day
  • Instead of packing an extra ride, take a walk on your lunch break
  • Red light does not emphasize the beat, because that means more time to listen to your favorite album

Sounds good, right?

It can take many other forms, but the quality of entertainment is the same. It will rise when you have time and space to release.

So, how do you create space? I like to think of drawing edges on everything they do. It is in those margins that they mark the region for space (and leisure) to live and grow.

For example, if your work day starts after back meetings, you may be tempted to jump to work immediately to catch up once you’re done. Instead, first consider whether you can take some time to communicate with yourself.

You can walk or not, intentionally get up to drink water, or simply sit down and go to the bathroom to feel better. What are feelings? How do you feel?

Although it may not seem necessary, these little times To be easy Add.

It is also advisable to add a few warnings here:

  1. An angry mind hates space.
  2. Space is a privilege.
  3. Space is the sum.

I will explain.

First, the bored, disturbed, anxious, or anxious mind hates space. He believes it is better. He wants to fill as much space as possible.

Otherwise, you should feel uncomfortable and feel uncomfortable At all costs. This is true even at the cost of your health.

Second, space is not given. It is a privilege, which means that not everyone has the same access.

When I traveled 3 hours a day in daycare, there was limited space. If you do two jobs and take care of your elderly parent, space is more expensive.

This is often the case.

As challenging as it may be, you may have few opportunities to design a space in any situation. You have the right to relax. Not just for a few.

Finally, I noticed that the more I connected with space, the more natural it became.

Before I went to work, I noticed that 2 minutes of breathing did not always affect my stress level immediately. Fifty 2 minute breaths were distributed throughout the week do They have an impact.

Instead of saving everything for a vacation once a year, it’s always like giving yourself a little break. It releases a small amount of pressure to lower your stress levels.

Space in my vacation plan is so central that it ensures both steps. Once you create it, you need to take care of it.

Everything in your life tries to take its place.

Your partner, dog, children, bills, neighbor, chat roommate, summer camps, night classes, car problems, plumbing problems… The list goes on.

Life goes on, and space disappears – just like that.

Your job is to keep that place as a precious commodity.

It’s like setting healthy boundaries. Your needs are important, and you have the right to meet them.

If you think entertainment is a hobby – I certainly do – you want a place.

Now that you have a place as your foundation, you can start using it to connect more deeply with yourself.

This will help you stay in touch with your needs, rather than on the clock, your phone alarms, when the baby is crying or when the faucet explodes. These things will still happen, but you will also meet your needs.

Here are some of my favorite brain exercises to relax

Progressive muscle relaxation

This is a simple exercise that involves tightening and releasing all the muscles in your body. You can do each muscle one at a time or do it all at once to release it quickly.

PMR is the closest thing to the switch I found.

Yoga Nidra

This is something I have always loved because it is the ultimate act of submission. The modern world offers very little practice to let go, and that is yoga nidra.

It is like the mighty savasana. Who doesn’t want that?

You can see step-by-step instructions for Yoga Nidra here.

Gentle yoga

This is another go, because, well, it is gentle. Restore your energy, not waste it.


This is another wonderful option because many people can do this. If you can do it outside, even better. It still works a leg or two around the office, warehouse or room!

Sit down and drink

This is the lost wisdom of truly enjoying and tasting your favorite hot drink.

In fact, many people in Sweden practice fika – drinking a little coffee, eating a cake or meeting a friend – every day.

Whatever your choice, here are the steps

  1. Pour.
  2. sit down.
  3. Sip.
  4. Stop for a moment and look at the horizon.
  5. Pour again.
  6. Repeat until your entire drink is done.

If you want to raise the bar, focus on how you feel when you cough – the liquid on your tongue, the taste in your mouth, the heat of steam. Make it emotional.

Bonus points to stay on once your cup is empty.

Life may be overwhelming, but the reality is that it comes from a lot of stress and anxiety.

Getting out of our minds for a while can be a big difference, whether it is exercise or a little play. The greater the impact, the greater the effect.

For example, gardening is very good. But it is better to pull large bags of soil and even push a full tire. Professional therapists call such activities “hard work” because that is exactly what it is!

It can help you enter your body by stimulating your prophylactic and vestibular systems that control your mood and space.

Other great options for getting into your body include:

As mentioned above, much stress comes from thinking. Sometimes getting in your body and cutting the process is the best option. At other times, it is good to cut out small ideas.

My favorite way to do this is to follow my thoughts, to filter out the ideas that I want to focus on in the trash.

To do this, I ask for help with cognitive distortion categories to help me understand important ideas from people who need a little review.

These include:

  • Polarization: Black and white thinking
  • Over-organizing; Applying conclusions in all cases
  • Traumatic situation; I think it will be much worse
  • Personalization: Taking things personally
  • Mental reading; Assuming they know what others think
  • Mental filtering; Focusing on the negative
  • Decrease the positive – Describe positive things as emergencies or as opportunities
  • “Eligible” statements Humble or rebuke yourself for your actions
  • Emotional reason; It is true to believe your feelings
  • Tagging: Reduce yourself or others like “dumb” or “stupid” into categories

When I involve myself in one of these perceptions, I simply write the script.

It looks like this:

  1. Isolate useless ideas.
  2. Mentioning his feelings.
  3. Identify which distortions are in play.
  4. Rewrite or repeat the idea in a more balanced, realistic way.
  5. Mentioning the emotions that arise from the modified idea.

It is best to start this process by writing it all down. Putting it in your head is a lot.

I even have a spreadsheet to use to track my thoughts. Feel free to make a copy and customize it for yourself!

After a while, it will be easier to go through the steps in your head.

Weather monitoring goes hand in hand with the above-mentioned cognitive deficits. And by checking the weather, I mean there’s a barometer inside.

  1. Sit down with yourself.
  2. in fact Emotion Get inside your body and notice the emotions.
  3. Avoid the pressure of naming or judging.

Testing in this way is a somatic practice that helps us connect with our experience.

When labels like “sad”, “hungry” or “tired” come from the mind, emotions come directly from our emotional experience.

All of the above steps will bring you closer to your power-state. Once you have that connection, you can follow your efforts to give yourself what you want from moment to moment.

This may seem like eating too much food after training because your body needs more protein.

When you are very sad, you may fall asleep on Thursday.

When you pay attention to your energy and emotions, you will find that your body, mind, and spirit will talk to you about what you want and need.

Are you scared that you will spend more time on your hands and then not know how to use it?

Taking care of your space and time will help you make the most of the little time you have.

To plan or plan a lot, think about those opportunities that you know you will have space for.

Do your best to make the most of that time by having the necessary resources in your hands or creating an environment to organize you for the fun of success.

For example, if you want to make coffee and shake in your car before you work, get your travel cup ready to go near the coffee shop at night and set up your Bluetooth for a smoke detector.

If you like to swim in the pool at night, keep your Epsom salt, candles and face masks near you. Remember your significant other that the bathroom is protected at 8pm while you are staying

Recreation is not just a skill, it is wisdom.

The more you find a place to celebrate your vacation as an important part of your health and well-being, the more they invite you into your daily life.

When the rest of the world is on the hard drive, it takes practice, protection, and repetition to make recreation a natural experience.

Still, giving yourself a gift of peace is worth the time, time, and care.

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