10 songs to guide you in Athens

Or most Ohio University students have sadly missed Athens for the past year and a half. The college experience on the college screen is nothing more than a walk through the bricks on College Green, a straightforward court walk, and a taste of all the Athenian delicacies. Now, as we all finally return to the human-class lessons, it is important that there is perfect music that accompanies the journey.

Here is a playlist for each Athens moment:

“He made me so high”

College Green has an irreplaceable beauty for him. There is a feeling of homesickness going through your veins as you walk through it, and this is symbolic when backed up by the new Babadobei track. Because of this incredible sense of security, the Filipino-British singer finds herself returning to a man. Although he basically told her to pass, she knew she would hold this heat for a while. The guitars, breeze and breeze, feel like college green on a perfect 75 degree, sunny day.

When you need energy for early learning – “pressure” in Paramore

You may already regret that you signed up for the 8:30 p.m. Let Paramore help you first. The track begins with guitar and Hayli Williams special tunes that tell former teammate Jeremy Davis, who voluntarily left the group, that Paramoor would be fine without him. When you go to class, you think you would be better off without the first class, but you know you have to live.

When you want to relax before a test, “just go” at Arlo Parks

After last school year, when most people did not get time tests, it is difficult to know what to expect from your physical exam for the first time, and it is easy to imagine that you will breathe. But Arlo Parks knows that anyone can be reassured. On her track “Just Go”, exciting guitars will satisfy your whole body and emit a bad vibration. Parks As you tell the former who has returned for a second chance, your anxiety will go away.

When you need to cry for the test – “apostate” by Olivia Rodrigo

Not every test is effective now. When you return for days on end and it is not beautiful, you just have to be sad. Olivia Rodrigo has your back. We all know that this heartbreaking track is about Rodrigo’s relationship with former Joshua Basset, and his time has become one of the most popular topics of discussion over the past year. Although the test level is not the least bit related to their relationship, you will feel that everything you forgot during the test has been betrayed by your brain, and this song will live on for you just like any other.

Burning – “Graduation” in the Third Eye

There will be days, especially near the end of the semester, when you want to get your diploma in and out. The third blind-eyed 1997 classic “graduate” is the perfect track for such moments. Supported by explosive guitars, lead Stefan Jenkins puts his entire chest into the vocal cords, making it clear that he wants to grow up and get out of the mess. When the final test comes, they will probably shout at him.

For a simple day – “Prom” at SZA

It is important to set aside time for self-care during the semester, and that includes days when you will never do anything. Must be your SZA “promo” accompaniment. This disco-pop banner SZA shows her distrust — and she has a lot in front of her. Bright music serves as a message for relaxation, put your priorities on the back for just one day and let the SZA divine voice absorb you.

When you need a hidden motivation to climb Jeff Hill – the “chain” on Fleetwood Mac

They may not be the hardest part of the semester. For anyone living in East Green, it is possible to walk on endless Jeff Hill. The relentless beating of Fleetwood Mac “The Chain” inspired you. As the group sings about how the figurative “chain” protects the relationship, the pop-up emphasizes that their partner is not like a boyfriend / girlfriend. If not loud, the guitar and bass will make you raise Jeff Hill and above.

For your pre-game pump: “Balin” by logic

Whether you’re looking for an OU football game or a night out in the city, this trail makes perfect sense in your action. This track was released on one of his earliest albums before his debut album, which he knew was well-received. He says he promised his mother when he was young, and he is full of money and self-confidence. The knee is contagious.

For your first night on the street – the “dancing queen” by Abba

Thanks to Mama Mia! franchise, most ABBA discography has basically found a special place in everyone’s heart. However, this has been a classic since its release in the ’70s. The track is all about dancing in your heart and feeling at the top of the world, this is exactly what this court will do for someone at night. Although this is not often the case with the Athens bar, if one decides to run it, everyone will be happy.

Realizing that Athens would be his favorite place on earth forever, the queen “fell to the ground”

There will be a night on the street, in a campus club with your friends, and a night of relaxation – because you know Athens really feels like home. This queen explores the touching aspects of life, but enjoys the thrill of guitars and drums in Athens. If you start thinking about life beyond the U.S., listen to this track to remember that you have chosen the right place to spend these four (or more) basic years.

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